Monday, September 16, 2013

New books

Three new books released at Amazon from Shillelagh Books and S.G. Lee.

A companion piece to A Tiger's Heart Wrapped in a Player's Hide but can be read alone.

Reborn is two novellas, Tainted in the Blood and To Honour and Disobey.‘Tainted in the Blood’ is the story of Rowen Pentagan a lifelong vegetarian who on the eve of her eighteen birthday eats of the flesh and her whole life changes.‘To Honour and Disobey’ is the story of Ekaterina Seneslav. Dying of the plague, Ekaterina awakens and surprised to find herself in a coffin, escaping she finds her life has changed and her long lost love Luka KalderaĆĄ whom she thought had has rescued her. Ekaterina learns they are not alive but both vampires.

 A Stitch In Time is a prequel to A Penny Saved A Murder Earned .It is the story of Emmett Rogers in two thousand and four. Emmett is considered a hero for his actions in Afghanistan but all Emmett wants is to forget the battle there and get on with his life, in his new job as a police office. However coming home is as idyllic as Emmett hoped. His seventeen year old sister is pregnant and his father threw her out echoing another incident in Emmett’s life. Emmett must fight the battles he now faces on the home front and face his own demons, before he can move on with his new life.

Christmas is Calling- A collection of heartwarming Christmas stories to warm your heart all year round.