Monday, August 4, 2014

A Diller A Dollar A Really Dead Scholar

A Diller A Dollar A Really Dead Scholar 
-Book 2 of the Kelly Murder Mysteries

has been published as an e-book  at Amazon & Smashwords

Lily Kelly, her adopted daughter Rose Brooksfield, her Great-Grandma Katha, and Amelia try to get over their trauma at the hands of a serial killer. Rose tries to overcome the whispers and innuendoes at school by joining in on school events such as basketball and choir. Rose and her friend Carol arrive early to school to participate in choir only to find the choir teacher; Mr. Scholar has been brutally murdered. Rose collapses and is brought to hospital and Lily learns more than she wants to know about Alexander Scholar as she’s drawn into the investigation. Now Lily must help Emmett, and his new partner Kendall Owens, find the killer before he or she, threatens the Kelly clan yet again.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jack be Nimble has been released

Jack be Nimble has been released as an e-book.

Jack Forbes awakens in a mental institution, with no memory. Things he’s told don’t add up. Even though Jack remembers little; he begins to suspect he’s a prisoner. Are Jack’s treatments the reason he can’t remember and he has become paranoid? Or are the memories just too hard to reveal, even to himself?

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Tiger's Heart wrapped in a Player's hide has been released

          Available at Amazon in e-book form

                                   also available at Smashwords

       On a voyage of discovery and introspection Sarah finds out more about herself and her abilities. Sarah however also finds herself questioning Demetrious’ commitment to her as he spends all his time working to find the culprit who has put the Magik council under siege. Sarah must find her inner strength and abilities once more to help Demetrious and save herself and the world from this unknown assailant as they threaten her life as she knows it.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Murder Most Fowl

now available Smashwords & Amazon 

A collection of murder stories to captivate and caution you.