Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Penny Saved A Murder Earned

An unknown stalker intent on serial murder

A Penny Saved A Murder Earned 

-Book 1 of The Kelly Murder Mysteries

A Penny Saved A Murder Earned is the story of Lily Kelly and her family. 

The Kelly’s (Lily. Rose (Lily’s daughter), Great Grandma Katha and Amelia (Lily’s cousin)) all feel like they are under a curse; but it appears it’s the work of a serial killer that people around them having been falling like dominos. Now as someone is killed at Amelia’s store and others known to them perish, Lily and Amelia become under suspicion by the investigating officer Emmett Rogers. They must fight the impulse to blame the curse and get to the bottom of who caused all their woes, before the killer targets them.

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